Wilma MacDonald Nutritional Therapist and Owner of Maverick Motherhood

Hello, I’m Wilma

nutritional therapist and mum, here to help you stop being tired all the time and liberate you from the idea that motherhood equals the demise of your health, ambitions and freedom.

I know — from real won-in-the-trenches experience — that when you feel frazzled and exhausted, the joy of motherhood is harder to find.

And you deserve joy

You should never be left feeling frumpy, ashamed, or frustrated because you want to feel energised, confident and spend some time on yourself.

Together, we’re going to find what works for you so you feel good — without adding anything else to your to-do list.

(And bonus: When you care for yourself, it’s so much easier to care for your small people.)

Have you got Questions?

I’ve got the answers!

Got a nutrition question that is burning a hole in your gut (literally!) Then submit your question, anonymously, using the google form link below. I’ll then answer in a blog post.

Tips for questions.

  • Keep them general, I don’t give personalised advice outwith my 1:1 consultation framework.
  • No nutrition question is silly; no one gives us this information and we need to learn it from some where.
  • Nothing personal about me; this about helping you.

Click on the link HERE to ask your question.

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