Hey you, I’m Wilma.

Nutritional Therapist & Maverick Mother.

I help exhausted mums upgrade their energy and inject much needed vibrancy & va va voom into their lives.

Wilma MacDonald Nutritional Therapist and Owner of Maverick Motherhood

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Wilma MacDonald Nutritional Therapist and Owner of Maverick Motherhood

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to get real, actionable advice

from a mum who's in the trenches

with you.

There won't be judgement, but there will be truth telling.

My Flat to Fabulous Framework is designed for the woman who doesn't want to faff around, isn't going to settle for 'this is just the way it is' and wants to start feeling better before the tiny human leaves home.

Because being tired all the time is a waste of yours.

"Wilma is direct but nice with it.

She changed my life."

Wilma MacDonald Nutritional Therapist and Owner of Maverick Motherhood


Who am I

and how do I know this stuff?

I’m Wilma, a nutritional therapist and a mum. I’m also sort of obsessed with myself. (And yes, as mum’s it’s ok for us to say that.)

I know — from real won-in-the-trenches experience — that when you feel frazzled and exhausted, the joy of motherhood is harder to find.

And you deserve joy

You’re feeling flat, lethargic and rundown.

You’re last on the priority list (below the laundry basket)

And you feel like you’re holding on by your chipped fingernails most of the time.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, I promise.

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What is a Maverick Mother?

It’s an attitude

A modern person who happens to have reproduced 

Wants more for themselves, their family, community & planet

Doesn’t want to settle for the status quo where you’ve “got to suck it up cos you’re a mum now”

Likes Top Gun (kidding… kind of!)

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