Food, fire & riots of fun for modern mums

Love your food.
Love yourself.
And still be a great mum.

Get back to who you are and how your body feels best. (no fluffy B.S. included)

We’re changing the way society treats mothers by changing the way mothers treat themselves.

There’s all this messaging out there about how every single second of our waking lives needs to be devoted to our kids. But in reality, that just leads to a lot of resentment. (Don’t worry, you’re among friends here.)

I’m here to remind you that you don’t need to feel like sh*t as a mum by helping you get your energy back and remember who you are as a person.

When you love yourself, it’s easier to love your family.

Here’s how it happens

Work with me to get real, actionable advice from a mum who’s in the trenches with you.

There won’t be judgement, but there will be truth telling.

My private consultations are designed for the woman who doesn’t want to faff around and wants to start feeling better before the tiny humans leave home.

Because being tired all the time is a waste of yours. 

“Wilma is direct but nice with it. She changed my life.”

So who the hell am I, and why do I know about this?

Hey, I’m Wilma. I’m a mum obsessed with food. I’m also sort of obsessed with myself. (And yes, as mums it’s ok for us to say that.)

I know – – from real-won-in-the-trenches experience — that when you physically feel like shit, the joy of motherhood is harder to find.

And you deserve joy.

You’re tired, it’s not just because you have a child. (From being knackered all the time, to peeing yourself when you sneeze.)

But it doesn’t have to be this way, I promise. 

Let’s see if we go together like dates and peanut butter

(a combination made in snack heaven)

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Because being tired all the time is a waste of yours

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