Wilma MacDonald Nutritional Therapist and Owner of Maverick Motherhood

Health advice that doesn’t take parenthood into consideration is useless.

We don’t have time for useless, we’re here to feel good.

Welcome to the world of Maverick Mothers, where we challenge the status quo that says that being tired all the time is normal.

We’re going to liberate you from the idea that motherhood equals the demise of your health, ambitions and freedom.

There’s this myth that when we have tiny humans, they’ll slot seamlessly into our lives.

For me, when I became a mum, this whole self-care thing was a huge wake up call.

What I thought motherhood would be — and what it actually is — is totally different.

They don’t slot naturally into your life. They bulldoze their way in, and it’s easy to lose yourself in the rubble. You have to make a conscious decision to reclaim your life.

Just because your tiny human was born doesn’t mean you were born to only be a mum.

There’s more to life than having kids

(yep, I said it)

We’re not mothers OR women who work
We’re not mothers OR sexy ladies
We’re not mothers OR whole people capable of taking on the world

It’s time to embrace the AND

You can love your tiny humans AND love yourself
You can take great care of your family AND yourself
You can show up as a mother AND show up for yourself

This is full permission to be who you are as a person

Even — and especially — after you have kids

I know what it’s like to feel less than fabulous and be wedged between your ambition, the laundry basket and a snack demanding tiny human.

It’s exhausting, overwhelming and you don’t have the energy to figure out what needs to change.

But here’s the thing;

It doesn’t have to be this way

I’m Wilma

and I’m here to remind you that you deserve the same love, care and attention that you give to your family.

I squished out my tiny human in June 2017 and I’m still surprised that I was allowed to take that tiny human home after 12 hours.

With no supervision. No college course in parenting. And pretty much no idea what I was doing.

(It also still shocks me that I literally grew balls and a penis, just for the record.)

But here we are. All still alive. All still winging it. All still fiercely loving each other and trying our best.

I’m still wondering where the support is for the shell-shocked, bleary-eyed mum who’s still figuring out how ‘do it all’.

Or find time to scarf down a slice of toast, let alone something that nourishes her body.

Or even dump some shampoo on her hair once a week.

We’ve grown and birthed the next generation, but then we’re pretty much left to our own overused (and outdated) devices.

(Not to mention the fact that support seems to only exist for brand new mums, when we all know the struggle is real when you’ve got a toddler.)

Wilma MacDonald Nutritional Therapist and Owner of Maverick Motherhood

We’ve got gaps in our midriff where
our muscles used to meet.

We’ve got gaps in our vagina where
we used to have bladder control.

And we’ve got gaps in our bank balances
where £’s and pennies used to be.

Surely, I wasn’t the only one who filed the 50 leaflets from the health visitor in the recycling. I wanted — and needed — simple advice I could trust.

Advice that was tailored to my new situation, because getting 8 hours of deep sleep, eating my leafy greens without interruption and showering before noon suddenly became a level of impossible that was AGHHHHHH.

The practical advice didn’t exist, so I’ve carefully and intentionally created it for us.

Society tells us that it’s normal to be exhausted all the time, that burnout with small children is normal (all bull**it)

Using my 6+ years of nutrition experience, I’m making sure that you’re never left staring glassy-eyed into an empty fridge.

You should never be left feeling frumpy, ashamed, or frustrated because you want to feel energised, confident and spend some time on yourself.

And you won’t be condemned to being a “Tena lady” at 35, feeling exhausted, defeated, and more than a little alone in this.

No way darling,
No more.
Not ever again.

Together, we’re going to find what works for you so you feel good — without adding anything else to your to-do list.

(And bonus: When you care for yourself, it’s so much easier to care for your tiny human.)

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