It’s all about creating a balanced plate.

Read on to find out to find out how to supercharge your mornings and bid farewell (I’m have an image of you standing at your kitchen counter, tearfully waving a tissue, dressed like Rose from Titanic!) to tiredness with the ultimate breakfast makeover.

Dressing Up Your Breakfast For Success

Does your breakfast need some gold bling, oversized sunnies, and a [faux] fur coat? Well, maybe not literally, but just like dressing to feel fabulous, your breakfast can have a big impact on your day.

I’m guessing you know all too well the consequences of starting the day without a nourishing meal – feeling sleepy, stressed, and shouty. But fear not! By making a few simple adjustments to your breakfast routine, you can fuel your body and mind for lasting energy (even through Steve’s 3pm KPI presentation!). Get ready to discover the joys of breakfast pimping.

The Power Of A Balanced Breakfast On Your Energy

When it comes to having the kind of energy that lasts you through the day after a morning of getting you and small humans out the door, fully clothed and clean followed by a squished commute in an overheated tin can on wheels that leads you to the place where you’re meant to be a fully focused, functional and productive adult; a balanced breakfast is what you need.

What the heck does a balanced breakfast even look like I hear you ask (through gritted teeth as its a phrase that’s flung around with little explanation. Its’s not a coffee the size of your head in one hand a green smoothie in the other.)

Instead it’s a breakfast that combines protein, healthy fats, and fibre in the right proportions, setting the stage for energy and focus that lasts no matter what small humans, the laundry basket and your colleagues throw at you. It’s like giving your body the fuel it needs to power through the morning and beyond, giving you lasting energy all day. So, let’s break down the elements that will make your breakfast (and you) a real powerhouse that generates va va voom energy.

Protein: The Breakfast Powerhouse

Let’s start with protein. It’s not about 3 steaks, 2 eggs and grainy powder to get you ‘ripped’. It’s about the mighty nutrient that keeps you feeling full and prevents energy crashes. You don’t need to stress about weighing or measuring; simply add protein-rich foods to your breakfast for that lasting va va voom energy. How about some scrambled eggs, creamy yoghurt (more yeo valley than rolo!), a dollop of cottage cheese, or chucking nut butter on your oats to pimp them up? These tasty options will give your breakfast the protein punch it needs to keep your energy going on and and on. Who knew breakfast could be this powerful?

Healthy Fats: The Energy Partners

Now, let’s talk about fats. Contrary to every woman’s magazine in the 90’s and 00’s, not all fats are villains. Healthy fats are your energy partners, satisfying your hunger [for food & life] and supporting brain function so that the fog, forgetfulness and fatigue lifts . Embrace avocados, crunchy nuts, nutritious seeds, nutty butter, creamy yoghurts and oils in your breakfast repertoire to fuel your body for lasting energy. These delectable choices will give your energy levels a healthy boost throughout the day. It’s time to unleash the power of fats!

Fibre: The Unsung Heroine Of Breakfast

And we can’t forget about fibre, the unsung heroine of breakfast (and your bowel movements.) This mighty nutrient keeps your digestion on track, banishes those dreaded afternoon slumps, and leaves you feeling fuller for longer. Forget the boring, tasteless, cardboard esque bran options; add a burst of fibre with fresh fruits, vibrant vegetables, wholesome whole grains, or beans and lentils to keep your energy levels up. These delightful choices will keep your breakfast exciting and your energy levels soaring.

Say Goodbye To Energy Crashes: The Benefits Of A Balanced Breakfast

Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? If you’ve got energy that’s got you strapped to a rollercoaster then yeah it is. It set the stage for you [dressed in faux fur and oversized sunnies] to have a day of sustained, steady and reliable energy. No more rollercoaster-like peaks and valleys. Instead, you’ll experience a consistent flow of energy that keeps you focused, productive and feeling fabulous, both at work and at home.

No more mid-morning vending machine raids or standing in front of the fridge, desperately seeking a pick-me-up. A balanced breakfast ensures you’re nourished and satisfied until lunchtime, without the dreaded energy crashes. Break free from the energy slump.

Embrace The Breakfast Revolution: Pimp Your Breakfast For Lasting Energy

If you’re still sceptical about the impact of breakfast pimping, give it a consistent try and see the results for yourself. Just like your small humans, when you’re tired and hungry, you get cranky — unfortunately chucking yourself down on the floor, thrashing about and crying is kinda frowned upon when you’re meant to be contributing to the discussion around Steve’s KPI’s — The crankiness in you, and your small human, is your body telling you that it needs nourishment and support.

So, how are you going to pimp your breakfast tomorrow?

With a few simple tweaks and a commitment to keep trying, experimenting and eating, you’ll soon have enough energy to not feel like an afternoon nap at under your desk, you’ll be focused & feeling fabulous plus playing with the small humans won’t feel like something else you have to endure.

Ready to getting your energy back without overwhelming your to-do list? Let’s team up to revamp not only your breakfast routine but also your exhaustion levels; we’re going infuse your days with boundless energy.

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To get you started, here’s a couple links to pimped up breakfasts that’ll keep you away from the fridge or the vending machine and off the energy rollercoaster.

Tiramisu Overnight Oats. This has been my weekday breakfast staple. Few tweaks cos recipes are meant to be tweaked. Cut the sweetener by half, add tablespoon ground flaxseed and pimp these up with nut butter, granola, strawberries/sliced banana/frozen cherries. There’s 1000’s over overnight oats recipes, have a google around and see what takes your taste buds fancy. If you and oats have a digestive disagreement, try quinoa or millet flakes.

Banana & Cinnamon Porridge. A small human and colder weather staple. Porridge does need to be pimped up. Nuts, nut butter, granola, yoghurt, fruit. Whatever you want.