It’s all about getting off the blood sugar rollercoaster

Read on to find out to say goodbye to the mid-afternoon slump and discover how you, as a busy mum, can recharge your energy reserves, wave cheerio to fatigue, and stay energised and focused throughout your demanding day.

We’ve all experienced that dreaded mid-afternoon slump when our energy takes a nosedive, and staying awake feels as impossible as getting your small human off their device after their time is up!

Whether you’re trying to keep your eyes and ears open through Steve’s KPI presentation or cheering on your little one at the monkey bars, resorting to diet coke, a double shot skinny flat white and a double decker may seem like the only solution.

But sugar up no more! In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can overcome the mid-afternoon energy crash without relying on caffeine and sugar rushes. As a nutrition professional, I’ll explain why you’re slumping and give you practical tips to revitalise your energy levels.

Understanding the Blood Sugar Rollercoaster and Its Effects on your Energy Levels

Here’s the (dairy free, strawberry flavoured) scoop: when your blood sugar levels go on a wild ride, it’s like being on a rollercoaster of energy highs and lows, you can basically say bye bye to consistent energy.

Those sudden spikes and crashes can leave you feeling totally drained and wondering is this is the way you’re going to feel forever.

Balance is the name of the game.

Proper blood sugar balance means keeping glucose levels stable, avoiding those rollercoaster spikes and crashes that leave you feeling drained.

Eating delicious and high carby foods, like croissants, Cadbury’s and yes, coffee can lead to rapid blood sugar spikes, followed by a sharp energy crash—the notorious mid-afternoon slump. Don’t let these fluctuations wreak havoc on your energy levels and mood – I see you cranky and hungry.

Finding that sweet spot (see what I did there!!) with your blood sugar levels is the “secret” to maintaining a steady flow of energy throughout the day.

It’s time to take control and give your energy levels the TLC they and you deserve.

Decoding the Clues: Recognising the Subtle Signs of Blood Sugar Imbalance

Your body has a way of sending signals when your blood sugar levels are haywire.

Start tuning into your body’s messaging system, sometime it shouts and sometimes it whispers. As always, always consult your medical provider if any of these symptoms are new, persist and if nothing makes them improve.

Unleashing the Power of Blood Sugar Regulation: Actionable Strategies

Ok, so you’ve got suspicions that you’re blood sugar levels are kinda all over the place. Now what?! Let’s find out…….

Balancing your blood sugar is one of the main things that will transform how you feel throughout the day. Say cherioo to fatigue and hello to a vibrant, energised, fabulous you.

Remember though, start small and take it one stride at a time. It’s all about making gradual changes that fit your busy lifestyle.

By introducing one solution at a time, you’ll be giving your body the chance to adjust and it’s makes its easier for you to make the changes gorilla glue sticky. We’re taking the small and mighty approach.

If you’re ready to unlock your energy potential and reclaim your va va voom, then you can read all about my signature 3 Month Flat to Fabulous Framework here and book in for a free 20 minute connection call using the button below.

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Say bye bye to exhaustion and welcome the energy you need (and want) so that you can hang out with your kids without feeling wiped out, so that you can stop being the stressy, shouty, frazzled mum you become when you’re feeling unsupported and so that you can get your oomph (and libido) back.