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I’m on Email, Insta, Linkedin, Whatsapp (if you’re a private client) 10am till 4pm (GMT). Response times are tiny human dependent, but never more than 2 working days.

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I’ve been reading your mind.

The A’s to the Q’s that you might have before making our relationship official.

What makes you qualified to give advice?

Good question. I’m always asking that question when I see people dishing out advice.

I qualified as a nutritional therapist from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2014. I’m fully insured and also a member of the British Association of Nutritional Therapists (BANT). This means that I abide by their code of conduct when working with clients.

More than that though, I’m a mother. Before having my tiny human, I was very naiive about what motherhood involved and the physical, emotional and mental impact it can have on you.

I’m in the motherhood trenches with you. I now know that the generic wellness advice trotted out doesn’t and can’t apply.

Our unique circumstances mean that we need unique solutions.

I’ll be straight with you, in the nicest possible way.


Where do the sessions take place?

All sessions take place over Zoom.

Choose a comfy room. Grab some tea. Lock out the tiny humans. Create space for yourself.

It’s worth it.

Do you offer payment plans?


Let me know at our meet and greet call and I will sort for you.

Couple points to note.

There are no refunds.

Rescheduling is only possible with 3 working days notice at a minimum otherwise the full fee is due.

I want to get my MotherLoving Energy back but also want to live, are you going to make me give up everything I love? Coffee, crossiants, chocolate covered pretzels?

That all depends and is something we’ll go into during your sessions. I will say that pleasure is integral to your MotherLoving energy levels. What gives your pleasure has a place in your life and on your plate.

Are you really a mum, there's no pictures of your tiny human on your website?

I squished my tiny human out in June 2017. Its a conscious decision not to have pictures of him on my website. He pops up on insta stories every now and then.

Is your hair real?

80% real. I was born with red hair and I’ll have it till I shuffle off this planet. At 41 its helped along a little colour wise by my fabulous hairdresser. No extensions though.

Any other questions burning a hole in your gut. Hit me up and I’ll soothe that burning.